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These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.

Domesticated Eurocrats: Bureaucratic Discretion in the Legislative Pre-Negotiations of the European Union
Gerald Schneider and Konstantin Baltz

Post-Maastricht Blues: The Transformation of Citizen Support for European Integration, 1973-2004
Richard C Eichenberg and Russell J Dalton

The Roots of Social Capital: Attitudinal and Network Mechanisms in the Relation between Youth and Adult Indicators of Social Capital
Dietlind Stolle & Marc Hooghe

Struggle for Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Tatu Vanhanen

Generational Basis of Turnout Decline in Established Democracies
Mark N Franklin, Patrick Lyons & Michael Marsh

The Impact of Electoral Reform on Women’s Representation
Pippa Norris; Acta Polit

Sequencing Deliberative Moments
Robert E Goodin

The Endogenous Economy: ‘Real’ Economic Conditions, Subjective Economic Evaluations and Government Support
Cees van der Eijk, Mark Franklin, Froukje Demant and Wouter van der Brug

Local Problem Agendas in the Chinese Countryside as Viewed by Cadres and Villagers
M Kent Jennings

Studying ‘Everyday Political Talk’ in the Deliberative System
Pamela Johnston Conover and Donald D Searing