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The Journal of Public Health Policy welcomes unsolicited original scientific and policy contributions on all topics relevant to public health (meaning population health). We seek manuscripts focused on policy issues of interest to public health professionals, policymakers, program participants, advocates, and scholars.

We are eager to publish new scientific results, but our primary interest is in presenting insightful and original papers that contain important discussions of and contributions to policy thinking for protecting or improving the health of populations around the world. Studies of the delivery, organization or financing of medical care are among priorities for publication in JPHP only if these are linked to the health of populations. Because public health is a diverse field, readability, general interest, and utility for our global readership are centrally important to us. We ask authors to be explicit about the policy implications of their work, and whenever possible, to point to lessons that may be of use in other countries or under other conditions.

We also ask authors to avoid use of acronyms or references to programs, institutions, geography, or other features that may not be easily understood by readers from other parts of the world. As English is not the maternal language of many JPHP readers, we ask authors to avoid or explain terms or idioms likely to be difficult to translate.All submissions to the Journal of Public Health Policy should be made online via the link below. Please read the instructions given on the web submission site carefully before commencing your submission.

We are currently not accepting proposals for new special issues.

We now suggest that submissions be accompanied by 3 separate key messages for use in social media, with an upper limit of 280 characters

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We welcome short questions or inquiries about the appropriateness of manuscripts for JPHP. Please send inquiries to the Editor at

We have recently migrated to a new online submission system. If your paper was submitted prior to 3rd March 2020 under the old system, EJP, with a tracking number such as “19402AR” then please use the following email address for any queries

You can still access your manuscript in the system by the following link, using your credentials:

If you have submitted your paper on or after 3rd March 2020 this will have been via the new system, Editorial Manager, and will have a tracking number such as “JPHP0001”. In this case please use the following email for any queries

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Conditions of submission

Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that they:

  • are original;
  • are not under consideration by any other publisher;
  • have not been previously published in whole or in part;
  • have not been previously accepted for publication;
  • have not been previously reviewed by the Journal of Public Health Policy;
  • will not be submitted elsewhere until a decision is reached regarding their publication in the Journal of Public Health Policy.

Note: to submit a Viewpoints article, please first read the detailed instructions about Viewpoints and download the template linked here.