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Creating Subjectivities
Lisa Blackman, John Cromby, Derek Hook, Dimitris Papadopoulos and Valerie Walkerdine

Experimenting with Refrains: Subjectivity and the Challenge of Escaping Modern Dualism
Isabelle Stengers

The Becomings of Subjectivity in Animal Worlds
Vinciane Despret

Researching Embodiment and Intergenerational Trauma using the work of Davoine and Gaudilliere: History walked in the door.
Valerie Walkerdine, Aina Olsvold and Monica Rudberg

Affect and Automaticity: Towards an Analytics of Experimentation
Lisa Blackman

Morbid Mixtures. Hybridity, Pain and Transnational Dying
Yasmin Gunaratnam

(De)Coding the Subject-in-Affect
Patricia Ticineto Clough

Anticipation: Technoscience, life, affect, temporality
Vincanne Adams, Michelle Murphy and Adele E Clarke

Self-making and the brain
Emily Martin

The Subject at Rest: Novel conceptualizations of self and brain from cognitive neuroscience's study of the 'resting state'
Felicity Callard and Daniel S Margulies

Affect and discourse - What's the problem? From affect as excess to affective/discursive practice
Margaret Wetherell