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Volume 56 (2013)

September 2013, Volume 56, Number 4

Foresight and Policy

Special issue in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation

There is evidence everywhere that humanity finds itself in a crucible of uncertainty. Whether it comes from renowned global experts, early warning units or public interest organizations, foresight seem to be largely ineffective in terms of its influence on action by decision-makers and those in authority. This Journal Issue explores the connection between such forward-looking analysis, the implications for policy and action that emerge from it, and the actual decision taken (or not taken). It aims to bring foresight out from academia and into the public and practical domain.

Volume 49 (2006)

March 2008, Volume 49, Number 1

Women's Rights and Development

Published with Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)

Volume 46 (2003)

June 2003, Volume 46, Number 2

Globalization, Reproductive Rights and Health

Based on papers and discussions held during a series of SID-UNFPA dialogues on 'Building Alliances for Women's Empowerment and Health', this issue explores the intersection of the global 'population', gender and development agenda and women's agenda in their region and locality as women have worked together to change population policies to become women-centred with a holistic rather than narrow technical approach. It also picks up on different ways women are working with globalization to counteract negative impacts on their health and livelihoods in the different regions, and the final section tells the stories of women at the local level who are trying to create an enabling environment for their sexual and reproductive rights and health.

Volume 45 (2002)

March 2002, Volume 45, Number 1

Place, Politics and Justice: Women Negotiating Globalization

This issue continues the discussion on place-based politics bringing an analysis of women's political organizing in the context of globalization into dialogue with the conceptual work of activist intellectuals engaged in debates about the nature of globalization.

December 2002, Volume 45, Number 4

Creating Global Communication: Development and the New Information and Communication Strategies

There is a great deal of enthusiasm for the new information and communication technologies, but also forebodings about just how transformative they can be. The core concern addressed by articles in this issue are not about how to ensure access to ICTs but about how to ensure the necessary changes in political, social and economic processes that allow people to participate fully in the new information and communication society. This ranges from concerns about education and intellectual property rights to governance processes.

Volume 44 (2001)

March 2001, Volume 44, Number 1

Partnership in Health and Poverty

This special edition brings together a set of papers and ideas discussed at a meeting on 'partnership in health and poverty reduction' which took place at the World Health Organization in Geneva in June 2000. The meeting was organized by WHO in partnership with the World Bank, European Community, UK Department for International Development, and SID. Strong interest in the theme was expressed by governments of developing countries, UN and bilateral agencies, the IMF, World Bank and regional banks, key civil society organizations and academic institutions.

September 2001, Volume 44, Number 3

Violence Against Women and the Culture of Masculinity

This issue closely follows the previous theme of women's rights and child rights (Volume 44, Number 2) to look at violence against women and the culture of masculinity. It aims to map out the state of 'body politics' - the political defence of women's freedom and the right to bodily integrity, autonomy and security. The articles show how the fight to end violence against women is at the heart of body politics and the first entry point for women's economic, social and political rights.

Volume 42 (1999)

March 1999, Volume 42, Number 1

Reproductive Health and Rights: Putting Cairo into Action

This issue focuses on reproductive rights and health as a contribution to the Cairo+5 process to review the impact, achievements and goals set by the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo, in September 1994. The discussion on reproductive rights and health brings to the fore human-centred and gender aware challenges to development policies grappling with the impact of globalization and economic crises.