Media and Marginalisation

Identity Discourse in the Contemporary Age


From masculinities to feminist theory, our interdisciplinary research explores gender identity and gendered representation as well as social, biological and cultural constructions of gender.

The Monstrous-Feminine in Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture Cover

FREE CHAPTER: The Monstrous-Feminine in Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture

This book explores the monstrous-feminine in Japanese popular culture, produced from the late years of the 1980s through to the new millennium. Raechel Dumas examines the role of female monsters in selected works of fiction, manga, film, and video games, offering a trans-genre, trans-media analysis of this enduring trope.

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Disobedient Bodies, Monstrous Affinities: Reframing Female Defilement in Natsuo Kirino’s The Goddess Chronicle

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Series Highlight: Comparative Feminist Studies

Comparative Feminist Studies foregrounds writing, organizing, and reflection on feminist trajectories across the historical and cultural borders of nation-states. It takes up fundamental analytic and political issues involved in the cross-cultural production of knowledge about women and feminism, examining in depth the politics of scholarship and knowledge in relation to feminist organizing and social movements.
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