Digital content

How to use digital content.


After purchasing an eBook in the Palgrave Shop, it can be downloaded instantly. Additionally, you may re-download your eBook at any time from your eBookshelf. You'll find your eBookshelf under your account information (note that you must be LOGGED IN in order to see this) in the Channel "My Bookshelf".


You'll find your eBookshelf located under your account information (note that you must be LOGGED IN in order to see this). Here, all purchased eBooks are made available to you in perpetuity. This essentially means that you will always have access to all of your eBooks.

How do I use the eBookshelf?

  1. Please login with your personal credentials.
  2. Enter your account information's displayed under your name located in the right upper corner.
  3. Please select "MyBookshelf" in the menu.
  4. Please click centric under "EBOOK BOOKSHELF" on "SHOW ALL" and your personal eBookshelf with all your purchased eBooks will open.
  5. You can now download your eBook as a PDF or ePub file.

DRM and watermarking

SpringerNature strongly believes that the value of content is maximized if usage restrictions are kept to a minimum. Therefore SpringerNature eBooks do not employ hard Digital Right Management (DRM). Instead our eBooks are individually watermarked outside of the text area, causing no limitation to the usability of the file. There is also an invisible watermark. The main benefit is that SpringerNature eBooks can be used on all reading devices.

Using eBooks on other reading device (i.e. iPad, Kindle, Kobo)

Please save the file on your device. You may now transfer it to (or synchronize it with) any external reading device. You can also access the eBookshelf with any connected device. However, please note that ePub files can't be used on the Kindle.