eBook performance reports

Annual Book Performance Report © Palgrave MacmillanOffering you transparency about your eBook’s performance 

  • Book editors and book authors will receive an email with their first eBook usage report three months after their book’s publication. Usage is measured in the number of chapter downloads. 
  • Once a year an annual report will provide them with their eBook’s usage in the past calendar year(s). If a book is among the top performers in its respective SpringerLink eBook Collection, this fact will also be highlighted.
  • In order to see their eBook’s current performance, we recommend authors visit their book’s home page on SpringerLink. The current number of downloads, citations and other metrics will be displayed close to the book title. To visit your book’s page on SpringerLink, simply add its ISBN to the URL http://link.springer.com/ISBN (example https://link.springer.com/978-3-319-71433-2