​​Politics and International Studies

Featuring interdisciplinary and rigorous research from leading scholars and practitioners in the field, Palgrave Politics & International Studies offers unique and timely insight into a fast changing and increasingly globalizing world.

Students, researchers and professionals will find an outstanding selection of subject-defining reference works and cutting edge research monographs covering the breadth of British, European and Comparative Political Science, US Politics, Public Policy and Political Theory; as well as International Relations, International Political Economy, Security, Peace and Conflict, Development Studies and Regional Politics. In addition to covering classical topics within the field, our innovative collection publishes unique contributions focusing on the Global South, Gender Studies, Childhood and Disability Studies, Non-Governmental Activism, Transitional Justice, Religion, Urban Politics and Migration.

From the award-winning Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics series, market leading International Political Economy series which Palgrave has published for more than three decades, leading research in Peace Studies to the new and rapidly expanding programme in public policy, readers can expect the truly global perspective and trademark academic excellence which defines this multi-faceted approach to politics and international studies.

Our subdisciplines

British, European & EU Politics

The titles in the British, European and EU Politics list cover all areas of Political Science such as Comparative Politics, Political Sociology, Political Communication and Electoral Studies. The programme publishes the flagship EU series Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics, which has been running for over 10 years, as well as the prolific Gender and Politics series, the first book series to cover all aspects of Gender Studies from a Political Science angle. 

The programme also features prestigious heritage titles including the outstanding series of British General Election volumes, covering each and every BGE for over 70 years. Always committed on publishing the most original and ground-breaking scholarly research – from Political Leadership through Rhetoric, to Political Corruption – brand-new areas being developed in the programme explore Young People and Political Participation, and Presidential Politics, where we have recently launched two new series.

Development Studies

Our interdisciplinary Development Studies programme looks at the socio-political and economic challenges and prospects of the ‘Global South’ since decolonization, as well as the global lessons to be learned from the region’s radical contemporary transformation.

Focusing on the impact of economic underdevelopment on socio-political and environmental sustainability, it includes field defining series such as Rethinking International Development and Politics, Economics, and Inclusive Development as well as unique series such as Gender, Development and Social Change, Palgrave Studies on Children and Development and Palgrave Studies in Disability and International Development that expand on the traditional borders of the field.

International Political Economy

Showcasing the interaction between political and economic forces, our market-leading IPE programme investigates global markets, international trade, financial crises, labour, production, resource governance and much more.

As an integral part of this programme, Palgrave is very proud to be the home of our pioneering International Political Economy flagship series, edited by Tim Shaw, which we have published for nearly 35 years. An indispensable resource, the IPE series examines a variety of capitalisms and connections by focusing on emerging economies, companies and sectors, debates and policies. Embracing local aspects of the political economy and globalization, you can discover the broad scope of IPE in series such as Contemporary African Political Economy, Latin American Political Economy, The Political Economy of East Asia and Global Reordering. A unique collaboration has been formed with the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI), publishing state of the art research for both researchers and policymakers alike in Building a Sustainable Political Economy: SPERI Research & Policy. Boasting rich empirical research, Palgrave IPE combines some of the biggest names in the field as well as giving a voice to emerging scholars from around the world.

International Relations

We have been proudly publishing cutting-edge and landmark titles in our prestigious and prolific International Relations programme since the early days of Macmillan Press in the 1800s.

To this day Palgrave Macmillan continues to offer timely, prize-winning and field-defining works from leading academics and rising stars alike, including invaluable new editions of classics of the discipline, such as The Twenty Years’ Crisis by EH Carr and Diplomacy by GR Berridge. Palgrave continues to be the natural home for interdisciplinary and innovative works that inform and inspire both researchers and students. The books in this programme cover IR theory, foreign policy, diplomacy, migration, international organisations, and human rights, and we are proud to publish series such as the European International Studies Association’s Palgrave Studies in International Relations, the Sciences Po Series in IR, Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations, and Global Public Diplomacy.

Peace, Conflict and Security Studies

Covering International Security Studies, Strategic and Military/Defence Studies, Critical Security Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies, this rapidly-expanding and cutting-edge list offers titles from authors such as Lawrence Freedman and Geoffrey Till and includes leading series edited by such influential scholars as Oliver Richmond and Roger Mac Ginty.

Welcoming different methodological and theoretical approaches, this wide-ranging programme offers exciting, timely and prize-winning books that are invaluable for researchers and students alike. Series such as New Security Challenges, Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies, and Critical Security Studies in the Global South demonstrate the programme’s variety, prestige and innovation, and further bolster our reputation as the go-to publisher for the most exciting and significant security and peace research.

Political Theory

The titles in our Political Theory programme spread across a wide range of methodologies and perspectives as evidenced by the breadth of our key series, ranging from our history of political thought series Recovering Political Philosophy to the praxis-oriented Political Philosophy and Public Purpose, from the textual-historical analysis of Marx, Engels, and Marxisms to the interdisciplinary and international missions of Critical Political Theory and Radical Practice and International Political Theory.

We are committed to publishing the very best political theory in North America and Europe from leading academics such as Thomas Pangle, Tim Burns, Ned Lebow, and Stephen Eric Bronner as well as new voices in the field in order to offer a collection of the most exciting developments across the discipline.

Public Policy

Our Public Policy and Public Administration programme provides incisive scholarly analyses of the policies of government, national and regional, including of political institutions and governance of the public sector. 

We co-publish series with some of the most influential organisations in the field, including the International Series of Public Policy, edited by B. Guy Peters and Philippe Zittoun and in conjunction with the International Public Policy Association, and the Governance and Public Management series with the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS).

The programme translates research into practice in innovative ways in order to meet the demands of policymakers and practitioners, as well as scholars and students, offering a wide range of products in the policy field, combining more practically orientated materials and case studies, with titles exploring the Foundations of Government and Public Administration or interdisciplinary series such as Bioethics and Public Policy. We are at present piloting a new format, Palgrave Policy Essentials, which offers short books on a range of timely subjects, written in an accessible style, by academics with direct policymaking experience.

Regional Politics

The Regional Politics programme provides innovative scholarly research in the fields of the Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian politics through interdisciplinary and wide-range approaches. 

Titles are spread across various topics in Regional Politics and include such well-recognized works as A New Chapter in US-Cuba Relations by Eric Hershberg, Iran by Hamid Dabashi, The Endless Quest for Israeli-Palestinian Peace by Robert Serry, Public Procurement Reform and Governance in Africa by SN Nyeck, China’s Rise and Changing Order in East Asia by David Arase. Additionally, the programme also features prestigious series including Latin American Political Economy, Middle East Today, The Modern Muslim World, and Politics and Development of Contemporary China. We are proud to publish original and cutting-edge titles that continue to define the field.

US Politics

Encompassing diverse areas such as Government, Political Leadership, Identity Politics, Environmental Politics, Voting/Electoral Politics, Religion and Politics, Intersectional Politics, and even Law, Palgrave’s US Politics programme features influential series such as Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy, The Evolving American Presidency, Politics of Intersectionality, and Elections, Voting, and Technology.

We are also proud to offer cutting-edge research on current events with titles such as The New Roberts Court, Scalia’s Constitution, The Four Faces of the Republican Party, and Institutions and the Right to Vote in America as a part of our continued mission to be a home for exciting scholarly perspectives on contemporary US Politics.

Palgrave Handbooks

Palgrave Handbooks are high-quality, original reference works that bring together specially-commissioned chapters, cutting-edge research, and the latest review articles in their fields. Our Handbooks provide an unparalleled overview of a specific field of research, while also setting the agenda for future directions of the discipline.

Our Palgrave Handbooks program is growing rapidly, explore our range of titles below. If you have an idea for a new Handbook in your field, please visit our Submit a proposal page.