How to Use


The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is an extensive reference work, which will provide your customers with access to content written by the leading thinkers in the field.

To arrange access to the Dictionary online and to discuss purchase options, please contact your sales representative who will be happy to help.

To make the most of a digital subscription, we advise:

  • Sending email alerts to notify your users about access to The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics.
  • Ensuring you’ve placed relevant links online, including advertising via banners and skyscrapers.
  • Drawing attention to new articles, as highlighted on our What’s New page.


The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is the definitive guide to economic thinking. Featuring thousands of articles, it offers personal commentary from leading economists on topics ranging from Development to Media and Cultural Economics.

When using the Dictionary, we suggest:

  • Using keyword searches to access relevant content, and broadening your understanding by following the related articles links.
  • Checking the What’s New page for the latest content uploads in your area.


The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a powerful classroom teaching tool. It can be used to give an overview of a complex topic, to provide context for a case study, or to offer a starting point for further research.

To ensure it’s widely used by students, we recommend:

  • Including references to the Dictionary entries for the key terms and themes covered in each of your lectures.
  • Using the Dictionary entries, tables and figures to enhance your lecture notes. At the bottom of each entry, you will find the appropriate citation to lead your students back to the Dictionary as a resource for further information.
  • Drawing on the detailed bibliography and list of related articles available for each entry. Students can use these links to drill down within a topic to further their own research. The abstracts to entries can also offer handy revision summaries.


The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a comprehensive reference tool designed to assist you in your study and research into economics. Written by the leaders in the field, it is constantly updated and revised to provide definitive information on your chosen topic: you can be confident in the material and its pedigree. To help you navigate the vast wealth of information that the Dictionary contains, we have put together a few hints and tips on using it online.

  • Many entries contain abstracts, keywords, bibliography and a list of related articles. If you are new to a concept, theme or issue then use these tools to introduce you to the concept.
  • If you learn better offline, or simply want to annotate your notes in a different way, you can print out the articles to keep.
  • Each article includes a reference citation that you can simply cut and paste into your essay.
  • Entries include a comprehensive bibliography. These bibliographies can be used as literature reviews and are an excellent place to start to further your research.


The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is a market-leading economics reference resource. Taking an encyclopaedic approach, it provides accessible articles on topics from across the economic spectrum, all subject to rigorous peer-review. To use the Dictionary as a professional, we recommend:

  • Using keyword searches to identify articles relevant to your chosen field – related entry links will help you delve deeper into the content.
  • Accessing abstracts as taster content and as speedy introductions.
  • Checking the What’s New page for the latest content uploads in your area.