About The Geneva Association

GA_s_logo_250x67pxThe Geneva Association is the leading international insurance “think tank” for strategically important insurance and risk management issues.

The Geneva Association identifies fundamental trends and strategic issues where insurance plays a substantial role or which influence the insurance sector. Through the development of research programmes, regular publications and the organisation of international meetings, The Geneva Association serves as a catalyst for progress in the understanding of risk and insurance matters and acts as an information creator and disseminator. It is the leading voice of the largest insurance groups worldwide in the dialogue with international institutions. In parallel, it advances—in economic and cultural terms—the development and application of risk management and the understanding of uncertainty in the modern economy.

The Geneva Association membership comprises a statutory maximum of 90 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from the world's top (re)insurance companies. It organises international expert networks and manages discussion platforms for senior insurance executives and specialists as well as policy-makers, regulators and multilateral organisations.

Established in 1973, The Geneva Association, officially the "International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics", is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is a non-profit organisation funded by its members.

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EGRIE_s_logo_110x110pxEGRIE is a European based non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting research on risk and insurance. This is mainly achieved through the organisation of scientific conferences and meetings, the publication of research materials and the creation of a contact network amongst the concerned parties.
EGRIE was created by The Geneva Association in 1973 and has been supported by this association since then. In September 2002, during the 29th seminar of EGRIE, it was decided to formalise the organisational structure of EGRIE. On September 16, 2003, in Zurich, the founding assembly of EGRIE took place, the statutes of EGRIE were ratified and the Board of Directors was elected.


EGRIE Membership

Membership to The European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists (EGRIE) is open to all risk and insurance researchers. As part of annual membership to EGRIE, members will receive a print and online subscription to The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, the official publication of EGRIE

Membership Rates 2017

Full membership: €90 / US$135 / £110 + tax where applicable

Student membership: €50 / US$75 / £60 + tax where applicable

Please note the subscription may have VAT added. Please check your tax liability and current rate before subscribing.

Sign up for EGRIE membership for 2017 by contacting the Executive Secretary, Michael Hanselmann, at