The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review is proud to present a special collection of articles to celebrate 40 years of the Journal.

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Geneva Risk and Insurance Review 40th Anniversary Issue
Mike Hoy and Nicolas Treich

From The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance to The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review
Henri Loubergé

Should More Risk-Averse Agents Exert More Effort?
Bruno Jullien, Bernard Salanié and François Salanié

Overconfidence and trading volume
Markus Glaser and Martin Weber

Incentives, Redistribution and Social Insurance
Jean-Charles Rochet

Risk-Aversion Concepts in Expected- and Non-Expected-Utility Models
Michèle D. Cohen

Regulation of Insurance Markets
Ray Rees, Hugh Gravelle and Achim Wambach

Internalizing externalities of loss prevention through insurance monopoly: an analysis of interdependent risks
Annette Hofmann

Risk Aversion, Downside Risk Aversion and Paying for Stochastic Improvements
W Henry Chiu

Economic Effects of Risk Classification Bans
Georges Dionne and Casey Rothschild

Optimal Life Insurance
Karl Borch

Human Capital and Risk-Bearing
Jacques H Drèze