Artwork, tables, figures and diagrams

Artwork submitted should be on a separate hard copy as well as electronically submitted when instructed by the Editor's office. All tables, figures and diagrams must be discussed or mentioned in the text and numbered in the order in which they are mentioned. Each should have a brief descriptive title and should be understandable even without reference to the text. They should all be typed on separate sheets, not included within the text. All data should be defined in the column heads and all footnotes placed at the end of the table.


Tables should be created using tabs for columns, not spaces or column formats in Word. All text should be 12pt Times, paragraphs should have a line space between and titles and subheads should have a line space above and below.

Book Reviews and Correspondence:

The American Journal of Psychoanalysis welcomes concise reviews (up to 1200 words, including references) of current psychoanalytic books as well as relevant brief responses (up to 1200 words) to papers published in the journal. For Book Reviews and Correspondence submissions please follow the usual submission procedures.