Special Issue: on socially-responsible and environment-friendly investing

Submission deadline: 30th September, 2019

We would like to invite you to consider contributing to a special issue that we plan to produce later this year on the theme of socially-responsible and environment-friendly investing.

We believe that this theme is becoming critically important for the investment community. Awareness is growing that the projects which are financed via the capital markets must be sustainable projects, in that a balance must be struck between immediate profitability and longer-term concerns. If not, latent risks may incur to the extent that profits may turn into losses after all. Risks related to environmental, social and governmental issues (ESG) are not always well-assessed by investors and it is indeed not evident to do so. As it stands know-how lacks, we believe, to make such assessments properly. We call for more research on ESG issues through this special issue!

If you wish to participate, please proceed to submitting your article to the journal before September 30th via the submission system. When submitting your paper, please select the appropriate special issue label when prompted for your article type. It will go through the usual peer-review process and a selection of six to seven articles will be published.

The Journal of Asset Management encourages original, forward-looking submissions which rigorously consider:

  • New investment strategies, methodologies and techniques
  • New products and trading developments
  • Important regulatory and legal developments
  • Emerging trends in asset management