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A demystification of the Black-Littleman model: Managing Quantitative and Traditional Portfolio Construction
Authors: S Satchell and A. Scowcroft

Cross-country and intertemporal indexes of risk aversion
Authors: M Kritzman, K Lowry, A-S Van Royen

Asset allocation vs security selection: Evidence from global markets
Author: M Kritzman, S Page

An alternative route to performance hypothesis testing
Author: Bernd Scherer

Countries versus industries in Europe: A normative portfolio approach
Authors: Javier Estrada, Mark Kritzman, Simon Myrgren, Sebastien Page

Mean variance versus full-scale optimisation: In and out of sample
Authors: Timothy Adler, Mark Kritzman

Can robust portfolio optimisation help to build better portfolios?
Authors: Bernd Scherer

Optimal asset allocation for sovereign wealth funds
Authors: Andreas Gintschel and Bernd Scherer

An examination of alternative portfolio rebalancing strategies applied to sector funds
Authors: Stanley G Eakins, Stanley Stansell

Alpha budgeting; Cross-sectional dispersion decomposed
Authors: Wallace Yu, Yazid M Sharaiha