Journal of International Relations and Development is pleased to present a collection of free to access articles that discuss the realist thought in IR.

Realist Thought in IR

Rational paranoia and enlightened machismo: the strange psychological foundations of realism
Annette Freyberg-Inan
Volume 9, issue 3, September 2006

Eavesdropping on honored ghosts’: from classical to reflexive realism
Brent J Steele
Volume 10, issue 3, September 2007

From The Twenty Years’ Crisis to Theory of International Politics: a rhizomatic reading of realism
Seán Molloy
Volume 13, issue 4, December 2010

Neoclassical realism and international climate change politics: moral imperative and political constraint in international climate finance
Mark Purdon
Volume 20, issue 2, April 2017

Anxiety politics: creativity and feminist Christian realism
Caron E. Gentry
Volume 22, issue 2, June 2019