Nomination procedure

This annual award aims to recognize the best article appearing in the previous year’s volume of Acta Politica. The prize is given to an article that makes a substantial contribution to the field of political science. Acta Politica is an international political science journals with a broad scope across the discipline. As the official journal of the Dutch Political Science Association (Nederlandse Kring voor de Wetenschap der Politiek) it covers such sub-areas as Dutch and comparative politics, as well as international relations, political theory, public administration and political communication. Original articles published on any subject within the volume are eligible for consideration for the Prize. The jury is composed of the co-editors and editorial board members. The prize fund is generously supported by NKWP.

Acta Politica Annual Prize 2022

Congratulations to Alessandro Nai, Anke Tresch and Jürgen Maier who won the 2022 Acta Politica Best Paper Award for their paper titled “Hardwired to attack. Candidates’ personality traits and negative campaigning in three European countries

The jury also gave two honourable mentions to the following papers:

Dominika Proszowska, Giedo Jansen and Bas Denters: “On their own turf? The level-specificity of political trust in multilevel political systems

Lisanne Wichgers, Laura Jacobs and Joost van Spanje: “Trial and error: hate speech prosecution and its (unintended) effects on democratic support