In each issue of the Journal of Public Health Policy (JPHP), we include an article commissioned by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), written by leading authors in the field. Edited by Bettina Borisch and Marta Lomazzi at the WFPHA, we are pleased to make the Federation’s Pages free to view in celebration of JPHP’s continuing affiliation with the WFPHA. We hope you enjoy them!

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Oral health is an integral part of maternal and child health

Negotiating a new global health treaty: why the things are so different this time?

Nuclear war and the public health community: the responsibility to act


The role of thought experiments as sources of insights and lessons to tackle pandemics and other existential threats

Public health and AI: health neural network

Should we still talk about crisis?

Could we survive a belief crisis?


Maternal oral health framework: integration of oral health into perinatal care

Ways out of the crisis: how gender equality can help overcome COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic: the case of Cameroon

Vaccine distribution exacerbates the social divide


Facing leadership that kills

Global health and social work professions take action on equality and sustainability: returning to our roots

The amazing numbers of the World Congress on Public Health

Universal coverage and strategy of primary health care. The Cuban experience


Preserve, prepare, and prevent: environmental actions against pandemics in the COVID-19 era

Australia’s 2019–2020 bushfires potently foretell humanity’s future: our survival is under threat

The struggle for health as a universal right in Brazil

Balanced influence is needed for front-of-pack labelling to protect the health of the public


Universal health coverage: contestations and the role of public health associations

Political determinants of health and vaccination

Switzerland, a haven for the tobacco industry

A Call to Ban the Mining, Transformation, Export, and Use of Asbestos and Asbestos-Containing Materials


The Future of Public Health: Engaging Students and Young Professionals

The treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons: a planetary health good of the highest order

Strengthening the public health case against HIV-related travel restrictions

The Global Charter for the Public’s Heath


Call for Global Public Health Leaders: Provision of Safe Dentistry for All

Political determinants and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women: don’t leave your integrity at the political gate

Public Health Challenges in the Americas Region: The Alliance Response

50 years of international leadership for a healthy global society


The Public Health Impact of Modern Trade Agreements

Health Sector Reform: Time to Introspect

Public Health Education in India – Reforms or Revolution?

Sustainable Development and Environment – Conflict or Convergence?


Putting Children in the Centre of Public Health Debate

14th World Congress on Public Health in Kolkata, India

Public health at all levels in the recent Nigerian Ebola viral infection epidemic: lessons for community, public and international health action and policy

Dementia and oral health


Maternal and child health – The MDGs 4 and 5 – Some caveats

Planetary health and the World Federation of Public Health Associations

Public health in times of austerity


The right to health is coming of age: Evidence of impact and the importance of leadership

WHO reform: A personal perspective

Public health in the Arab World: At a crossroads

Diabetes and climate change: Different drums – same orchestra


Global health equity: Opportunities and threats

Global oral public health – the current situation and recent developments

Working on the social determinants of health is central to public health

An invisible epidemic: Preventing unintentional injuries among children and youth – A priority for national Public Health Associations


Evidence, values, and ‘right versus right’ dilemmas in public health practice

Will 2011 be the year for taking NCDs seriously?

Call for Abstracts: Towards global health equity: Opportunities and threats

Public health: How much evidence is needed to support our policies?


Building the public health workforce to achieve health-related development goals: Moving forward in collaboration

WFPHA: World Federation of Public Health Associations

Climate change, human health, and unsustainable development

Global health initiatives and the new dichotomy in health systems