We are pleased to introduce a new collection of our favourite MEL articles, all of which cover different approaches to our topical, maritime content. This collection has been compiled by our editor, Hercules Haralambides and is available as a FREE sample of what MEL can offer to its readers.

The development of a performance index for KG funds and a comparison with other shipping-related indicesl
Wolfgang Drobetz and Lars Tegtmeier
Marit Econ Logist 15: 32-71

Slow steaming impacts on ocean carriers and shippers
Michael Maloni, Jomon Aliyas Paul and David M Gligor
Marit Econ Logist 15: 151-171

An input-output-based methodology to estimate the economic role of a port: The case of the port system of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Italy
Romeo Danielis and Tullio Gregori
Marit Econ Logist 15: 222-255

Costs, revenue, service attributes and competition in shipping
Kevin Cullinane, Theo Notteboom, Ricardo Sanchez and Gordon Wilmsmeier
Marit Econ Logist 14: 265-273

Understanding mode choice decisions: A study of Australian freight shippers
Mary R Brooks, Sean M Puckett, David A Hensher and Adrian Sammons
Marit Econ Logist 14: 274-299

A quantitative analysis of European port governance
Patrick Verhoeven and Thomas Vanoutrive
Marit Econ Logist 14: 178-203

On balancing supply chain efficiency and environmental impacts: An eco-DEA model applied to the dry port sector of India
Hercules Haralambides and Girish Gujar
Marit Econ Logist 14: 122-137

The dry port concept - Theory and practice
Kevin Cullinane, Rickard Bergqvist and Gordon Wilmsmeier
Marit Econ Logist 14: 1-13