Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the archive of the journal to give a representative sample of the best of our content.

These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.

The relational ethics of conflict and identity
Stephen Frosh

Is the Balkans the Unconscious of Europe?
Dušan I Bjelić

Lost at sea: The Freudian uncanny and representing ecological degradation
Janne Seppänen

The tattooed therapist: Exposure, disclosure, transference
Abby Stein

National melancholia and Afrikaner self-parody in post-apartheid South Africa
Ross Truscott

Transitioning racialized spaces
Carol Long

Unbehagen and the subject: An interview with Slavoj Žižek
Slavoj Žižek, Maria Aristodemou, Stephen Frosh and Derek Hook

‘Video Replay: Families, films and fantasy’ as a transformational text: Commentary on Valerie Walkerdine’s “Video Replay”
Candida Yates

Social exclusion, difficulties with learning and symbol formation: A Bionian approach
Ana Archangelo

Alfred Lorenzer and the depth-hermeneutic method
Mechthild Bereswill, Christine Morgenroth and Peter Redman