Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the journal to give you a sample of the type of articles published by Risk Management.

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Three-factor model of Enterprise Risk Management implementation: exploratory study of non-financial companies; Ivana Dvorski Lacković, Nataša Kurnoga & Danijela Miloš Sprčić

Automated text mining process for corporate risk analysis and management; Ming-Fu Hsu, Chingho Chang & Jhih‐Hong Zeng

Prioritizing interdependent drivers of financial, economic, and political risks using a data-driven probabilistic approach; Abroon Qazi & Mecit Can Emre Simsekler

IRB PD model accuracy validation in the presence of default correlation: a twin confidence interval approach; Dmitriy Borzykh & Henry Penikas

The maximum-return-and-minimum-volatility effect: evidence from choosing risky and riskless assets to form a portfolio; Zhihui Lv, Amanda M. Y. Chu, Wing Keung Wong & Thomas C. Chiang

CEO overconfidence, firm-specific factors, and systemic risk: evidence from China; Adnan Safi, Xianrong Yi, Salman Wahab, Yingying Chen & Hassan Hassan

Linkages and systemic risk in the European insurance sector. New evidence based on Minimum Spanning Trees; Anna Denkowska & Stanisław Wanat

Dynamic selection of Gram–Charlier expansions with risk targets: an application to cryptocurrencies; Inés Jiménez, Andrés Mora-Valencia & Javier Perote

Do risk management committee characteristics influence the market value of firms?; Masturah Malik, Rohami Shafie & Ku Nor Izah Ku Ismail

The influence of organizational climate, incentives and knowledge sharing on misconduct and risk-taking in banking; Beatriz Fernández-Muñiz, José Manuel Montes-Peón & Camilo José Vázquez-Ordás