Industrial Espionage Special Edition

Economic and industrial espionage are significant problems to many organisations causing huge economic damage to some countries. Figures on the costs of it vary significantly and the quality of them are very hard to estimate, but it is clear the losses are staggering and in the US alone figures have ranged from $2 billion to $400 billion a year. The extent of the problem, however, is very difficult to gauge with many organisations reluctant to reveal cases or not knowing if and how they have experienced any loss. Academic research has also been limited with very few studies conducted on the subject. It is clear, however, that many attacks are perpetrated by a mix of cyber-espionage, corrupt insiders and failures in socio-technical systems. This special edition seeks to expand academic and practitioner interest in this subject and particularly bring inter-disciplinary perspectives to the problem. The editors of this special edition would therefore welcome papers from both academics and practitioners on some of the following themes:

· The extent of economic and industrial espionage;

· The perpetrators of economic and industrial espionage;

· The techniques of perpetrators of economic and industrial espionage;

· Cyber-espionage;

· Legal aspects to economic and industrial espionage;

· Strategies for dealing with economic and industrial espionage;

· State responses to economic and industrial espionage;

· The socio-technical interface in countering economic and industrial espionage;

Papers should be no more than 8000 words and should be presented according to the normal style of Security Journal, see and submitted to

Papers should be submitted at the latest by 1-3-2019 to enable peer review, responses and subsequent review. The edition will form volume 4 of 2019.

Informal enquiries are welcome and should be directed to