Celebrating 30 years of Security Journal

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Security Journal, and we are celebrating by making some of our most popular articles free to view. Read our recent top cited and top viewed articles by following the links below. Happy reading!

Recent Top Cited Articles

In celebration of Security Journal’s 30th anniversary, Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected the below highly cited papers, published in the last three volumes, to be made freely available to read online. Happy reading!

Not a victimless crime: The impact of fraud on individual victims and their families

Button, M; Lewis, C; Tapley, J

Security Journal (2016)

Space-time dynamics of maritime piracy

Townsley, M; Oliveira, A

Security Journal (2016)

What makes a guardian capable? A test of guardianship in action

Hollis-Peel, ME; Welsh, BC

Security Journal (2016)

The Fraud Triangle revisited

Alexander Schuchter, Michael Levi

Security Journal (2016)