Panel discussion to launch a special issue on geophilosophy, available here.

All are invited to an international panel discussion on 14 December 7-9pm GMT to launch the recently published special issue on geophilosophy in Subjectivity, available online early.

Three decades after Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari published What is Philosophy? – a book that has a lasting legacy in developing geophilosophy as a particular mode of transcendental empirical enquiry – this Special Issue revisits the relationship between geophilosophy, thought, and its milieu. Considering how ‘philosophy’ and the ‘geo’ has recently been reworked in plural ways with the rise of the geo-, the terrestrial and the planetary as leitmotifs for thinking about the collective subjectivation of particular kinds of world, the articles in this special issue develop the unique demands and contingent possibilities enacted by geophilosophical thinking.

Bringing together leading thinkers of Deleuze and Guattari’s thought across the social sciences and humanities – including Didier Debaise, Aline Wiame, Tom Roberts, Andrew Lapworth, JD Dewsbury, Anna Hickey-Moody and Claire Colebrook – the collection intersects themes such as critical engagements with Anthropocene discourses and the radical alternative of earthly stories, the aesthetic capacities for constructing mutant subjectivities or systems of faith, to broader questions about the future of (non)philosophical practices.

Working across three time zones, each author will share a short excerpt from their contribution to the issue and their reflections on the collection as a whole. These presentations will be followed by reflections by Joe Gerlach as discussant to the special issue. There will also be time for conversation about the issue with the contributors, editors, and audience members.

In order to attend, please register here.