Co-Editor Opportunities at EJDR

The EJDR is seeking to recruit three new co-editors to join its editorial team. In all three instances, we are looking for a research-active scholar based in the global North or South with extensive experience of publishing, editing and reviewing for high-ranking academic journals.

Closing date for applications is the 18th November 2018.

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EJDR Announces New Editor

Dr Keetie Roelen is a Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Centre for Social Protection at the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton, UK. She is a development economist by training and current research interests include the measurement and dynamics of (child) poverty, psychosocial aspects of poverty and the role of social protection and economic empowerment programmes in reducing poverty in all its forms. Her research includes quantitative and qualitative studies and impact evaluations, and she has a keen interest in mixed methods approaches.

Our online submission system has changed!

We are pleased to announce that the editorial submission and review process for EJDR has moved away from the previous system, ScholarOne Manuscripts, and to Editorial Manager. Prospective authors are no longer be able to submit their manuscript to ScholarOne for consideration. Instead they should submit via Editorial Manager at

Manuscripts already submitted and sent for review prior to 2nd January will be handled in the current system, ScholarOne, until an editorial decision is reached.

EJDR Early Careers initiative

We are pleased to share information on an exciting initiative for The European Journal of Development Research (EJDR): the EJDR Early Careers initiative.

EJDR recognises the need to provide a forum for the publication of original and high quality research by individuals that are early in their research career (up to 5 years post-doctorate or post-masters experience). The initiative, led by Dr Tewodaj Mogues (EJDR Editor, Early Careers Submissions), offers a ‘supported learning’ submissions route for early careers authors, to help fulfil their potential.

Authors whose manuscripts are eligible for the early careers initiative will benefit from initial feedback on the manuscript (upon submission, before it is sent out for blind peer review): this is to ensure the paper is strong, and that it will be assessed on its merit by reviewers.

For full details of the scheme and eligibility, please click here

EJDR welcomes two new members of the editorial team

EJDR is delighted to announce the appointment of two new Editors as part of our international team.

Tewodaj Mogues is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), within the Development Strategy and Governance Division.

She leads the research cluster on Public Investments and Institutions under the CGIAR research programme on Policies, Institutions and Markets. Her research interests include public investments in rural areas, local public finance and decentralisation, political economy, public service delivery, and social capital. Much of her empirical research has been on Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Dr. Mogues has published numerous journal articles and book chapters, and served as guest-editor in 2014 for the European Journal of Development Research on the special issue ‘Public Investments in and for Agriculture’.

As Editor at EJDR, Dr. Mogues will be responsible for managing Early Careers submissions. Watch this space for more information about EJDR’s Early Careers initiative.

Wendy Olsen is Professor of Socio-Economics at the University of Manchester’s School of Social Sciences.

She has previously taught sociology, development economics, and research methodology. She teaches statistics and PhD research methodology as well as computerised qualitative data analysis, the comparative method, the case-study method, and topics in political economy (e.g. child labour in India). She is fostering the use of mixed-methods research among statistical and other researchers.

Wendy’s research focus on the sociology of economic life. She has interests in methodology cutting across the whole range from quantitatively based to qualitative research and discourse analysis. She specialises in the study of economic institutions from sociological and moral economy vantage points. Her research has included case studies of Indian and UK labour markets, the credit market involvement of the poor in India, and other topics in economic sociology.

Prof. Olsen has a rich and varied publications record across various journals and books – for more details please visit her web page here.