The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice is proud to present a special collection of articles to celebrate 40 years of the Journal. Read Christophe Courbage's Editorial.

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Diversification through Catastrophe Bonds: Lessons from the Subprime Financial Crisis
Peter Carayannopoulos and M Fabricio Perez

Lemons or Cherries? Asymmetric Information in the German Private Long-term Care Insurance Market
Mark J Browne and Tian Zhou-Richter

Systemic Risk in the Insurance Sector: A Review of Current Assessment Approaches
Andreas A Jobst

Insurers’ Investment in Infrastructure: Overview and Treatment under Solvency II
Nadine Gatzert and Thomas Kosub

Unisex Insurance Pricing: Consumers’ Perception and Market Implications
Hato Schmeiser, Tina Störmer and Joël Wagner

Insurability in Microinsurance Markets: An Analysis of Problems and Potential Solutions
Christian Biener and Martin Eling

Risk Management and the Global Banking Crisis: Lessons for Insurance Solvency Regulation
Simon Ashby

Adaptation to Climate Change: Threats and Opportunities for the Insurance Industry
Celine Herweijer, Nicola Ranger and Robert E T Ward

The S-Curve Relation Between Per-Capita Income and Insurance Penetration
Rudolf Enz

On the Social Function and the Regulation of Liability Insurance
Steven Shavell