To showcase URBAN DESIGN International's range of content, the Editors are delighted to present this hand-picked selection of articles, free to view for the next two months.

Enhancing cultural aspirations in urban design: the gradual transformation by Indigenous innovation; Michelle Thompson-Fawcett, Alex Kitson & Janice Barry

Measuring the complexity of urban form and design; Geoff Boeing

The urban density assemblage: Modelling multiple measures; Kim Dovey & Elek Pafka

Understanding the link between street connectivity, land use and pedestrian flows; Ayse Ozbil, John Peponis & Brian Stone

Liveable streets and social inclusion; Daniel Sauter & Marco Huettenmoser

Grassroots urbanism in contemporary São Paulo; Daniela Sandler

Garden cities for the twenty-first century; Nicholas Falk

Designing the Japanese city – An individual aesthetic and a collective neglect; Matthew Carmona & Aya Sakai

Evaluating the THI: Measuring the effectiveness of the Townscape Heritage Initiatives in the United Kingdom; Robert Shipley & Alan Reeve