These 14 papers have been hand picked by Nikolas Rose, Ilina Singh and Catherine Waldby, who comprise our distinguished editorial team for the journal, in celebration of the journal's 10th anniversary.

These are FREE to view for the rest of 2015 and represented the highest-cited, word-class research that BioSocieties is proud to publish.

Food as exposure: Nutritional epigenetics and the new metabolism
Landecker, Hannah

Participation and the New Governance of Life
Gottweis, Herbert

Creating the 'ethics industry': Mary Warnock, in vitro fertilization and the history of bioethics in Britain
Wilson, Duncan

The Cerebral Subject and the Challenge of Neurodiversity
Ortega, Francisco

Toward a critical neuroscience of 'addiction'
Campbell, Nancy D

Global Pharmaceutical Markets and Corporate Citizenship: The Case of Novartis' Anti-cancer Drug Glivec
Ecks, Stefan

The NIDA brain disease paradigm: History, resistance and spinoffs
Courtwright, David T.

Human Tissue and 'the Public': The Case of Childhood Cancer Tumour Banking
Dixon-Woods, Mary; Wilson, Duncan; Jackson, Clare; Cavers, Debbie; Pritchard-Jones, Kathy

Epigenetics: Embedded bodies and the molecularisation of biography and milieu
Niewoehner, Joerg

Tales of Emergence-Synthetic Biology as a Scientific Community in the Making
Molyneux-Hodgson, Susan; Meyer, Morgan

Making medicines essential: The emergent centrality of pharmaceuticals in global health
Greene, Jeremy A.

Critical Neuroscience: Linking Neuroscience and Society through Critical Practice
Choudhury, Suparna; Nagel, Saskia Kathi; Slaby, Jan

Ethics of neuroenhancement: A phantom debate
Quednow, Boris B

Design in synthetic biology
Mackenzie, Adrian