SharedIt: Springer Nature’s commitment to content sharing

As part of the Springer Nature family, Palgrave Macmillan is excited to offer an initiative that allows researchers to share content easily and legally. The SharedIt content-sharing initiative means that links to view-only, full-text subscription research articles can be posted anywhere - including on social media platforms, author websites and in institutional repositories - so researchers can share research with colleagues and general audiences.

How do I get a SharedIt link for my article?

Authors can obtain a SharedIt link by entering the article’s DOI into our author portal at
Note that you only need to enter the numeric part of the DOI rather than the complete URL, i.e. 10.1057/s41280-018-0089-z. Alternatively, authors can obtain a SharedIt link by emailing the journal’s publisher (see “Contacts” page for information).

You can copy the shareable link and provide it to other interested parties or post it anywhere, including via social networks such as Twitter or on scholarly collaborative networks such as ResearchGate or, for non-commercial, personal purposes. Please note that on ResearchGate a SharedIt link cannot be used to upload the full paper, however, it can be added as a link within your own personal profile page.

Are there any limits to how much can be shared?

Reasonable sharing is encouraged for non-commercial, personal use.

What is the benefit of using SharedIt?

SharedIt allows you to share your research in an easy and legitimate way, facilitating discussions and collaborations with other researchers who may not have a subscription. SharedIt links will take readers to the most up to date, online version of the article. SharedIt also allows us to better understand how research is being used, as usage can be tracked, unlike when a PDF is downloaded and shared. Springer Nature is committed to making information about usage available on a regular basis.

See your research soar with SharedIt. You can follow a social media plan to promote your research here.

How does it work?

The technology that enables the SharedIt functionality is provided by ReadCube, whose industry leading functionality enables sharers to make final published versions of research articles available in the streaming Enhanced PDF format. In addition to the full text of the articles, the Enhanced PDF provides hyperlinked in-line citations and figures, annotation capabilities, one-click access to supplemental content and figures and advanced article metrics.

More information

Further information can be found here Please email if you have any further questions.