Twentieth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference

The International Monetary Fund will hold the Twentieth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference at its headquarters in Washington DC on November 7-8, 2019.

Given the prominence of higher debt across advanced, emerging, frontier markets as well as in low-income countries, this year’s conference will focus on “Debt: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly,” and will bring together researchers and policymakers to discuss innovative research in this area and facilitate the exchange of views.

Read Linda Tesar’s thoughts on her role as EiC and being a woman in international economics

Palgrave recently spoke to IMF Economic Review’s Editor-in-Chief, Linda Tesar, about her role and what it's like being a woman in the industry.

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IMF Economic Review 5-year Impact Factor holds strong at 2.861

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 5-year Impact Factor for IMF Economic Review has held strong at 2.861. These results, reported in the Thomson Reuters 2016 Journal Citation Reports®, are testament to the consistent hard work of the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial team and we look forward to continuing this in years to come.

Eighteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: The Global Financial Cycle

The International Monetary Fund will hold the Eighteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference at its headquarters in Washington DC on November 2-3, 2017. The conference is intended to provide a forum for discussing innovative research in economics and to facilitate the exchange of views among researchers and policymakers.

The theme of this year’s conference is The Global Financial Cycle. The Program Committee welcomes empirical and theoretical studies on a wide range of issues related to the theme of the conference.

The deadline for submissions has now passed. Please note that we are no longer accepting the submission of papers for presentation at the ARC. Further information on the conference program will be posted on the IMF website ( soon.

IMF Economic Review welcomes Linda Tesar as the new Editor!

The IMF and Palgrave Macmillan are pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Tesar (University of Michigan, USA) as the new Editor of the IMF Economic Review. Linda’s expertise and experience are a welcome addition to the journal and we warmly welcome her aboard.

In addition to her position as Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan, Linda is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and has been a visitor in the Research Departments of the International Monetary Fund, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. She has also served on the Academic Advisory Council to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and as senior macroeconomist on the Council of Economic Advisers. Linda’s research focuses on issues in international finance, with particular interests in the international transmission of business cycles and fiscal policy, the benefits of global risksharing, capital flows to emerging markets, international tax competition and the impact of exchange rate exposure.

We look forward to publishing the forthcoming issues of IMFER under Linda’s guidance.