Journal of Disclosure and Governance's Top Ten of 2016

International Journal of Disclosure and Governance presents free to view, the ten most popular articles of 2016. Follow the links below to read them now:

How and why an independent audit matters by Robert J Kueppers and Kristen B. Sullivan

What is the impact of bad governance practices in a concentrated ownership environment? By Alexandre Di Miceli da Silveira and Armando L Dias Jr

AML compliance – A banking nightmare? The HSBC case study by Mohammed Ahmad Naheem

The effects of corporate disclosure practices on firm performance, risk and dividend policy by Saeed Pahlevan Sharif, Ming Ming Lai

Approaches to auditing standards and their possible impact on auditor behavior by Jennifer Burns, John Fogarty

Determinants of CSR disclosure quantity and quality: Evidence from non-financial listed firms in Saudi Arabia by Khaleed Omair Alotaibi and Khaled Hussainey

Trade based money laundering: A primer for banking staff by Mohammed Ahmad Naheem

Influence of board of directors on firm performance: Analysis of family and non-family firms by Patricia Bachiller, Maria Cleofe Giorgino and Sergio Paternostro

Corporate governance and responsibility in Nigeria by Emmanuel Adegbite and Chizu Nakajima

Usefulness of corporate annual reports to individual investors in Bangladesh by Pallab Kumar Biswas and Swapan Kumar Bala

Financial Regulation 2016: A Year of Financial Revelation

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Auto enrolment, pension trusts and ethical finance: Banks and regulators have an increasing role in promoting Shariah finance; Zia Akhtar

Corporate governance and bank regulation: The impact on capital ratios; Alessandra Tanda

Trade based money laundering: A primer for banking staff; Mohammed Ahmad Naheem