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Please note that from January 2022 International Politics Reviews (IPR) was merged with its sister journal International Politics (IP). Robbie Shilliam is now the Reviews Editor in Chief at International Politics and all accepted manuscripts will now publish in the Reviews Section within International Politics.

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Submissions prior to January 2022

You can access your existing submission at the IPR submission system. All new submissions should be sent to International Politics.

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Information for Authors:

International Politics Reviews uses a commentary, debate and review format that precludes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Scholars are welcome, however, to contact the editor-in-chief with ideas for “state of the field” reviews.

Special Issues:
Occasionally, special issues will be organized by guest editors, who will solicit material from scholars deemed worthy and appropriate for the specialized content. If you have an idea for a themed special issue which you would like to guest edit, please contact the editor-in-chief.

Editorial office

Robbie Shilliam,
Reviews Editor-in-Chief, International Politics

Department of Political Science,
Johns Hopkins University,
3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore,
MD 21218, USA