The Journal of International Business Policy (JIBP) is intended to serve as the principal outlet for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of policy that relate to international business. International business enterprises face complex interactions with non-business entities such as governments, NGOs and supranational organizations. They take actions to influence policy, but their strategies are also affected by public policy choices in various areas. These include but are not limited to policies for international business promotion, foreign business attraction, industrial policy, social and development policy, and transnational governance. Positioned at the intersection between international business and public policy, JIBP aims to publish articles that identify novel policy issues and dilemmas, propose new policy directions, and measure the effectiveness and impact of policies for business and the wider economy. Although JIBP primarily targets scholars and researchers, the journal particularly values contributions that have concrete implications for policy makers and the broader society.

Academic Journal

JIBP's primary focus is to publish articles that contribute to knowledge in terms of original research, by providing new perspectives, new empirical results, or innovative research methods. Articles accepted for publication should meet generally accepted standards for conceptual and analytical rigor appropriate for a premier academic journal.

Multi-disciplinary Focus

JIBP seeks to examine international business policy issues from a variety of lenses and perspectives. We particularly encourage the submission of collaborative work by individuals with disparate academic (e.g. international business, economics, public policy, law) and professional (e.g. policy practitioner, NGO) backgrounds. JIBP will publish high-quality empirical, conceptual, and methodological articles with an emphasis on policy implementation rather than pure theory. The journal's main requirements are that manuscripts must be well documented, rigorous, balanced, and above all, policy relevant.

Policy Relevance

Although JIBP primarily targets scholars and researchers, the journal particularly values contributions that have concrete implications for policy decision makers at all levels of government, and executives in international and supranational organizations faced with public policy concerns. We therefore strongly encourage the submission of thoughtful statements on current international business policy controversies as a means of influencing the direction of further research and resolving the controversies. We also request that authors avoid using technical jargon and clearly spell out the implications of their analysis for policy debates.

Double-Blind Review Process

Articles submitted to JIBP must be submitted in accordance with established manuscript guidelines and the JIBP Code of Ethics and will undergo a refereed, double-blind review process. Criteria used by reviewers will be consistent with JIBP's Statement of Editorial Policy. The editor has final review and decision authority for all articles. Contributed articles from practitioners and public policymakers submitted to JIBP will be reviewed at the discretion of the editor.