The Journal of International Business Policy (JIBP) envisions to be the world’s leading journal of research on international business policy, where scholars in IB and cognate fields publish their best work, and policy professionals turn for impactful policy insights.

We define international business policy to be the mix of actions that public authorities take to shape cross-border business transactions with the goal of addressing societal challenges. This is an impactful research area due to the transformative power that international business has on societies. In both developed and developing countries, international business has a complex relation with numerous public policy priorities ranging from economic concerns (e.g., development, innovation) to sustainability matters (e.g., societal inequality, environmental crises) to national security concerns (e.g., economic resilience, nationalism). Governments seek advice from the academic community how to best harness global business activities to develop a better future.

JIBP publishes articles that have the potential to advance or contribute to the betterment of international business policies. We encourage submissions that deepen our understanding of:

  • The good, bad, and ugly influence of international business on public policy concerns, ranging from economic issues (e.g., development, innovation) to sustainability matters (e.g., societal inequality, environmental crises) to national security concerns (e.g., economic resilience, nationalism);
  • The impact of public policies on cross-border business transactions;
  • The influence of multinational firms, global value chains, and other forms of international business on the formulation of public policy;
  • The public policies that governments should adopt to address societal challenges through the shaping of international business.

Policy-oriented academic journal with a multi-disciplinary focus
JIBP is an academic journal at its core. We evaluate papers based on their innovativeness, academic rigor, and impact. As outlined in JIBP's Statement of Editorial Policy, publications must in some meaningful way break new grounds or demonstrate novel findings that either buttress or challenge current thinking about international business policy. We use a double-blind review process to evaluate manuscripts.
We are open to theoretical and empirical works and are eclectic with respect to methodologies (e.g., large-sample empirical work, small number comparative studies, field-based work), as long as they meet generally accepted standards for conceptual and analytical rigor appropriate for a premier academic journal.

JIBP seeks to examine international business policy issues from a variety of lenses and perspectives. We encourage submissions from different underlying disciplinary approaches including international business, economic geography, economics, law, political science, and sociology.

In line with our mission to publish the finest and most impactful research for better international business policy, JIBP particularly values contributions that have concrete research findings which have the potential of influencing policy debates at all levels of government and in supranational organizations. We therefore strongly encourage the submission of thoughtful statements on current international business policy controversies as a means of influencing the direction of further research and resolving the controversies. We also request that authors avoid using technical jargon and clearly spell out the implications of their findings for policy debates.