The Journal of Transatlantic Studies is the official journal of the Transatlantic Studies Association. It began publication in 2003.   

The focus is on the transatlantic region broadly defined to include the Americas and the Caribbean in the west and Europe extending to Russia the Middle East and Africa in the east.

The Journal explores and provides multi-disciplinary analysis of this vital region of the world through engagement principally with:

-      History
-      Literature
-      IR and Security Studies
-      International Law and Organisation
-      Culture and Race
-      Slavery and Migration
-      Film
-      Economics and Business Studies
-      Planning and the Environment

It is published quarterly and accepts proposals for themed issues as well as individual articles between 5-12,000 words in length. It also has a short book review section.

Two peer reviewers evaluate all submissions and any manuscript that divides opinion is then submitted to a third peer reviewer for a final decision.

The JTS aims to provide decisions on submissions within 12 weeks.