About us

We publish award-winning research which changes the world across the humanities, social sciences and business for academics, professionals and librarians. We offer authors and readers the very best in academic content whilst also supporting the community with innovative new formats and tools.

With offices in London, New York and Shanghai, and sales teams across 50 countries, we have a global reach. As part of Springer Nature, we are proud to uphold an unbroken tradition of over 170 years of academic publishing.


Our Higher Education textbook division, Macmillan Education, publishes under the imprint of Palgrave and distributes the US imprints Bedford/St Martins, W.H. Freeman and Worth Publishers, Sinauer and University Science Books. You can find all their products on a separate website: www.palgravehighered.com


Responsible Business

We aim to have a positive impact in every area of our work. To do that, we always look to act responsibly and create a culture where doing the right thing is at the core of how we do business. Learn more.