LGBTIQ+ Equality

LGBTIQ+ Equality

With June marking LGBT Pride Month, commemorating the Stonewall riots of June 1969, we’ve brought together a collection of our recent books and series with a focus on LGBTIQ+ equality. Alongside a collection of our most recent titles and key series, we’ve made several chapters free to access for a limited time. We also have original articles from our authors, editors and contributors, and will be updating these as the month goes on.

Original Articles

We've spoken to some of our authors, editors and contributors about their research, it's importance in addressing LGBTIQ+ equality, and the impact they hope it will have. Keep an eye open for new articles published throughout June!

Free Book Chapters

Explore the latest research in LGBTIQ+ equality, from across the social sciences, with free access to chapters from these titles until Sunday 1st July 2018.

Series Highlights

Browse monographs and edited collections with a focus on LGBTIQ+ equality from across the social sciences, brought together here in some of our most timely and relevant series.


Palgrave Studies in Gender and Education

This Series aims to provide a comprehensive space for an increasingly diverse and complex area of interdisciplinary social science research: gender and education. In addressing varied conceptual and methodological questions, the series combines an intersectional focus on competing – and sometimes colliding – strands of educational provisioning and equality and ‘diversity’, and provides insightful reflections on the continuing critical shift of gender and feminism within (and beyond) the academy.

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Queer Studies and Education

LGBTQ social, cultural, and political issues have become a defining feature of twenty-first century life, transforming on a global scale any number of institutions, including the institution of education. Situated within the context of these major transformations, this series is home to the most compelling, innovative, and timely scholarship emerging at the intersection of queer studies and education.

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Gender, Sexualities and Culture in Asia

This Series provides a welcome new forum for monographs and anthologies focusing on the intersections between gender, sexuality and culture across Asia. It offers a distinctive space for the exploration of topics of growing academic concern, from non-normative cultures of sexuality in Asia, to studies of gendered identities cross the region, and expands the field of Asian genders and sexualities by applying a cultural lens to current debates, including rural lives, migration patterns, religion, transgender identities, sex industry and family.

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Palgrave Studies in Language, Gender and Sexuality

Language, Gender and Sexuality is a new series which highlights the role of language in understanding issues, identities and relationships in relation to genders and sexualities. The series comprises innovative, high quality research and provides a platform for the best contemporary scholarship in the field of language, gender and sexuality.

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