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Palgrave Macmillan explores the social and cultural impacts of robotics, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies on our future – both positive and negative. Just how close are we to a posthuman world?

Discover our free chapters, exclusive articles and insightful scholarly research as we delve into the digital age and discuss the shifting definitions applied to humankind.

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This journal is committed to the scholarly exploration of the crucial social, ethical and policy implications of developments in the life sciences and biomedicine. The journal illuminates important intellectual issues at the science-society interface, and offers pathways to the resolution of critical local, national and global socio-political challenges that arise from scientific and biomedical advances.

The first journal of its kind, BioSocieties publishes articles, response pieces, book reviews, and self-standing editorials that span the social science disciplines, and present a lively and balanced array of perspectives on controversial issues. 

From the Journal of Information Technology

Partners of humans: a realistic assessment of the role of robots in the foreseeable future

Announcing a new journal from Nature: Nature Machine Intelligence 

Launching in January 2019, Nature Machine Intelligence will publish research from a wide range of topics underpinning machine learning, robotics and AI. The journal will also explore and discuss emerging cross-disciplinary themes, such as human-robot interaction, and provide a platform to discuss the significant impact that AI has on other fields in science, society and industry. Find out more.