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Algorithms have become ubiquitous in everyday life to the extent that it is almost impossible to operate without them. In the past few years, several articles have been published in Subjectivity offering a critical evaluation of recent developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithmic governmentality, and the implications of these for culture and society, including a special issue on Digital Subjects in March 2019.

We are now planning another special issue, this time focusing on algorithms and the everyday. Some possible topics include:

- The entanglement of algorithms in the lifeworld: affective entanglement in algorithms, algorithmic ethnographies, algorithmic colonisation, the everyday life of the algorithm, algorithmic assemblages, the cultural assumptions inscribed in algorithms, working in platform and surveillance capitalism

- Algorithmic agency, everyday encounters with algorithms

- The psychosocial and the algorithm Rethinking subjectivity after the algorithm

While there are some important social and ethical issues here, we are looking for papers that explore these questions in terms of subjectivity. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit a brief proposal and abstract to the editors. We encourage early submission, since papers can be published online-first as soon as they are accepted.


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