Does Subjectivity publish Open Access articles?
Yes! It is a Transformative hybrid journal, which means that it publishes both traditional subscription articles and Open Access articles. Authors can choose their preference.

Is Subjectivity a Plan-S-approved journal?
Yes it is! If your institution or funding agency requires you to publish in a Plan-S-compliant journal, Subjectivity fits your needs. You can find more information on compliance with funder and institutional open access mandates here.

What are the benefits of publishing Open Access?
The biggest benefit of publishing Open Access is the dramatically-increased impact your article will have. Without a paywall, OA articles reach a much broader audience. In 2021, Open Access articles were used, on average, 2.8 times more often than subscription articles and downloaded 1.6 times more by users based at academic institutions and 4 times more by users overall, compared to non-OA articles.

How do I publish my paper Open Access in Subjectivity?
Follow the standard submission and peer review protocols. After your paper has been accepted, the journal’s production team will email you a link to the forms where you can indicate if you would like to publish Open Access and pay the Article Processing Charge (APC).

I would like to publish my article Open Access, but I cannot afford the APC. Are there any funding opportunities available to me?
You have several options:

Check with your institution. It may have resources available to connect you with funding and/or agencies with funding you can apply for.

Springer has partnered with thousands of institutions across the globe to create Transformative Agreements. Creating as many of these agreements as possible is a major priority for Springer. Under these agreements, the costs of APCs are covered along with the subscription fees by the university. To check if your institution has made such an agreement, scroll to the “Transformative Agreements” section on this page (the other sections on the page are for authors seeking to publish in a purely open access journal; Subjectivity is not one of those journals.) Find your country or network, then click the “Participating Institutions” button to download a spreadsheet with the names of all participating institution. If your institution is listed, you are eligible to have the APC covered. Details on how to access this funding will be made available to you when you indicate your desire to publish OA on the form sent to you.

Springer has also compiled a list of external funding agencies to which you may apply here. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, and you are encouraged to seek other funding opportunities as well. If your institution or country has no transformative agreement in place yet, and/or you are unable to secure alternative sources of funding, you can still publish your article in Subjectivity by choosing to publish it at no cost via the traditional subscription model. Articles published using this model are made available to institutions and individuals who subscribe to Subjectivity or who pay to read specific articles; they are not open access. You can also check back in periodically, as Springer is actively working on expanding the number of Transformative Agreements available to authors as quickly as we can.