European Political Science is proud to announce a collection of articles on 'Teaching European Studies and International Relations'. All articles have been curated by the Co-Editors and made free to view. Please follow the links below to access the articles.

Can students be encouraged to read? Experimental evidence from a large lecture, 2021
Christian Breunig, K. Jonathan Klüser & Qixuan Yang

Engaging with research methods in comparative politics courses: practicing skills, questioning data, reflecting on positionality, 2022
James Bilsland, Valentina Feklyunina & Christopher Wheeler

The citation behaviours and the academic performance of first-year Political Science students, 2021
Douglas Atkinson & Stephen Thornton

Collaborative learning in politics: creating spaces for political socialization in the classroom, 2020
Gloria Martínez-Cousinou, Alberto Álvarez-Sotomayor & Beatriz Tomé-Alonso

Taking teamwork seriously towards a new concept for student research projects, 2020
Sandra Brunsbach, Ralph Kattenbach & Ines Weber

Can active learning be asynchronous? Implementing online peer review assignments in undergraduate political science and international relations courses, 2022
Andrew Heffernan, Michael P. A. Murphy & Doug Yearwood

Empirical approaches to understanding student learning outcomes and teaching effectiveness in political science, 2020
Kerstin Hamann & Ulrich Hamenstädt

Putting the action into Politics: embedding employability in the academic curriculum, 2022
Alistair Jones & Ros Lishman

Problem-based learning and the relevance of teaching and learning European Studies in times of crises, 2020
Patrick Bijsmans & Esther Versluis

Reclaiming agency: skills, academics and students in the Social Sciences, 2021
Maxine David & Heidi Maurer