For International Women's Day 2023 the EPS Editorial Team has put together a collection of articles that can be accessed through the freely shareable links below.

Reducing gender inequalities in ECPR publications
Kris Deschouwer

Introduction: the gendered distribution of authors and reviewers in major European political science journals
Daniel Stockemer

Who creates the “common market”? The gendered practices of knowledge production in a “European studies” journal
Toni Haastrup, Richard Milner & Richard G. Whitman

A gendered pattern? Publishing, submission and reviewing in West European Politics
Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Klaus H. Goetz & Wolfgang C. Müller

Unpacking the gender gap in academic journal publishing: the experience of South European Society and Politics
Susannah Verney & Anna Bosco

Under-represented, cautious, and modest: the gender gap at European Union Politics
Julia Bettecken, Ann-Cathrin Klöckner, Charlotte Kurch & Gerald Schneider

Contesting gender equality across Europe
Stefan Wallaschek

Gendered qualifications: how gender equal election results hide gender bias
Daphne J. van der Pas