For International Women's Day 2024 the EPS Editorial Team has put together a collection of articles that can be accessed through the freely shareable links below.

Surviving in a male academia: gender gap, publication strategies and career stage in South European political science journals Anna Bosco, Susannah Verney, Sandra Bermúdez & Annalisa Tonarelli

Academic placement records and gendered placements in the political science profession Joris Frese

Alternative metrics, traditional problems? Assessing gender dynamics in the altmetrics of political science Gustav Meibauer, Kiran Phull, Audrey Alejandro & Gokhan Ciflikli

Introduction: the gendered distribution of authors and reviewers in major European political science journals Daniel Stockemer

Who creates the “common market”? The gendered practices of knowledge production in a “European studies” journal Toni Haastrup, Richard Milner & Richard G. Whitman

A gendered pattern? Publishing, submission and reviewing in West European Politics Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Klaus H. Goetz & Wolfgang C. Müller

Under-represented, cautious, and modest: the gender gap at European Union Politics Julia Bettecken, Ann-Cathrin Klöckner, Charlotte Kurch & Gerald Schneider

BOOK REVIEW: Tracking the development of gender equality policy in the EU Milica Antić Gaber

BOOK REVIEW: Contesting gender equality across Europe Stefan Wallaschek

BOOK REVIEW: Gendered qualifications: how gender equal election results hide gender bias Daphne J. van der Pas