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In the Shadow of Celebrity? World-Class University Policies and Public Value in Higher Education
Leon Cremonini, Don F Westerheijden, Paul Benneworth and Hugh Dauncey
High Educ Policy 27: 341-361; advance online publication, October 15, 2013;

Organizational Studies in Higher Education: A Reflection on Historical Themes and Prospective Trends
Tatiana Fumasoli and Bjørn Stensaker
High Educ Policy 26: 479-496;

The Decline of Private Higher Education
Daniel C Levy
High Educ Policy 26: 25-42; advance online publication, November 6, 2012

Uncommon Knowledge: World Bank Policy and the Unmaking of the Knowledge Economy in Africa
Milton O Obamba
High Educ Policy 26: 83-108; advance online publication, August 28, 2012

Graduate Employability: A Review of Conceptual and Empirical Themes
Michael Tomlinson
High Educ Policy 25: 407-431; advance online publication, May 29, 2012

Comprehensive Internationalisation in Latin America
Jocelyne Gacel-Ávila
High Educ Policy 25: 493-510; advance online publication, June 12, 2012

Reconnecting the Research-Policy-Practice Nexus in Higher Education: 'Evidence-Based Policy' in Practice in National and International Contexts
William Locke
High Educ Policy 22: 119-140