Submitting a manuscript

Thank you for considering JIBP as a scholarly outlet for your best work in international business policy.

When received, manuscripts are first evaluated in terms of quality and fit with the JIBP Statement of Editorial Policy.

Manuscripts are also evaluated in terms of contribution-to-length ratio. Articles making strong contributions to the international business policy literature should be about 10,000 words; those making narrower contributions about 7,000 words. Word count includes everything: abstract, text, endnotes, references, tables, figures and appendices. If a manuscript makes a small contribution, either the contribution should be improved, the manuscript shortened to research note length, or the manuscript submitted to another journal. It is in the author's best interests to be very judicious about manuscript length. Manuscripts considerably longer than these guidelines will be returned immediately without review.

Research notes and Commentaries should in principle be under 4,000 words, including everything in the manuscript. Research notes should have the same rigor, style and tone as full-length articles. Notes should identify relevant prior research, clearly articulate their contribution to international business research, and provide compelling evidence for their arguments. Notes and Commentaries are different from articles in that the contribution either has a narrower audience, is more technical or more limited in its contributions, or comments on previous JIBP articles.

While contributions must be in English, we welcome manuscripts from authors whose first language is not English. Manuscripts must be formatted according to the JIBP Style Guide. Authors of poorly worded manuscripts are encouraged to seek professional editing assistance prior to submission, the absence of which may lead to the paper being desk rejected.

Submissions must be submitted online on this link.

If you have any questions, please contact the Managing Editor, Anne Hoekman, at

Choosing an Editor and Reviewers

You may nominate an Editor for your manuscript (see the Editorial Team page for the research interests of each Area Editor). The Editor-in-Chief will make the final selection of the Editor for your manuscript, taking into account your preferences and the workload of the Editors. On occasion the research in question may not match the interests of any Editor. The Editor-in-Chief will then invite a member of the Consulting Editors Board (CEB) to process the paper.

You may nominate possible reviewers for your manuscript, to a maximum of four. Please select these reviewers from the JIBP Editorial Review Board (ERB). The ERB members are listed in the journal and at In making any suggestions, please follow the JIBP Code of Ethics (for example, reviewers must not have previously provided comments on the manuscript, teach at your institution, or be co-authors on other manuscripts). JIBP follows a double-blind review process, which authors are expected to follow.

The Editor will assign the reviewers for your manuscript. Normally, the reviewers will be selected from the JIBP Editorial Review Board and, in special instances, from the Consulting Editors Board.

After Acceptance of Your Manuscript

To enable the Publisher to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must assign copyright in their manuscripts to the Publisher. All accepted manuscripts must be accompanied by a statement signed by all authors that the article is original, is not under consideration by another journal, has not previously been published elsewhere, and its content has not been anticipated by a previous publication. The corresponding author may sign on behalf of all co-authors.

Each author of an accepted article must submit a biographical sketch of 50-60 words. The sketch should identify where you earned your highest degree, your current affiliation and position, your current research interests, your country of birth and current citizenship(s), and an e-mail address.

Once the manuscript has been copy edited by Palgrave, the corresponding author of an accepted manuscript will receive an email containing a link to an online .pdf proof of the article. Please print a copy of the .pdf proof, correct the proof within 48 hours and return as directed. Please make no revisions to the final, edited text, except where the copy editor has requested clarification since such changes can rapidly increase production costs.

An offprint order form is sent with proofs. Charges for reprints ordered at a later date are necessarily higher.

The Journal of International Business Policy operates an advance, online publication system, whereby final, corrected papers are published on every week. These papers will be available in advance of print publication. Papers can be cited using the article's Digital Object Identifier (DOI). See the JIBP Style Guide for details of how to cite online articles.