Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the archive of the journal to give a representative sample of the best of our content.

These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.

Determinants of loyalty and recommendation: The role of perceived service quality, emotional satisfaction and image
Riadh Ladhari, Nizar Souiden and Ines Ladhari

A model of green bank marketing
Constantine Lymperopoulos, Ioannis E Chaniotakis and Magdalini Soureli

Awareness of Islamic banking products among Muslims: The case of Australia
Hussain Gulzar Rammal and Ralf Zurbruegg

Beyond state-owned banks: Evidence from Shanghai bank customers
Qun Chen and Yiing Jia Loke

Seven myths of financial planning and baby boomer retirement
Joseph F Coughlin and Lisa A D’Ambrosio

The information search process of socially responsible investors
Jonas Nilsson, Anna-Carin Nordvall and Sofia Isberg

Not everybody wants to save the world
Rajiv Kashyap and Easwar S Iyer

Bank-level stability factors and consumer confidence – A comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks’ product mix
Kassim Hussein

The make-buy decision in marketing financial services for poverty alleviation
C M Sashi

Customers’ ways of making sense of a financial service relationship through intersubjective mirroring of others
Kent Eriksson and Inga-Lill Söderberg