French Politics is proud to present a special collection of articles on gender and politics with papers on topics such as the parity reforms, women and elections, and gender and public policy in France.

The below papers are free to access

How to become a députée – Lean to the left: Party differences and gender parity in the 2012 National Assembly elections
Priscilla Southwell

Gender parity thwarted? The effect of electoral reform on Senate and European Parliamentary elections in France, 1999–2011
Priscilla L Southwell

Unequals among equals: Party strategic discrimination and quota laws
Tània Verge and Aurélia Troupel

Roundtable 3 – State-society relations and republican ideology
Amy Mazur

Do Women Represent Women in France? The Case of Brittany's Regional Council
Katherine A R Opello

Parity — From Perversion to Political Progress: Changing Discourses of ‘French Exception
Raylene Ramsay