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March and June Double Issue 2020 18(1-2)
Special Issue: Does Policy Implementation in Gender Equality Policy Matter in France: A Cross Sectoral Approach ( 10 articles)

Volume 16, issue 3, September 2018 ( 6 articles)
Special Issue: Research Frontiers in Comparative Gender Equality Policy

Gender equality narratives, the right and democracy: developing a comparative tool from the case of the 2017 French Presidential election 17 2019

Gender and Politics

Gill Allwood in French Politics (2005)

Who are the Women? Where are the Women? And What Difference Can They Make? Effects of Gender Parity in French Municipal Elections
Karen Bird

When male heterosexual leaders politicize gender and sexual issues: The logic of representation in the 2014 Bordeaux municipal election campaign

Clément Arambourou, Magali Della Sudda, Fanny Bugnon, Victor Marneur… in French Politics (2016)

The closing of the radical right gender gap in France?

Nonna Mayer in French Politics (2015)

French Feminists Renegotiate Republican Universalism: The Gender Parity Campaign

Laure Bereni in French Politics (2007)

‘Jupiter is back’: gender in the 2017 French presidential campaign

Catherine Achin, Sandrine Lévêque in French Politics (2017)

A longitudinal analysis of gendered patterns in political action in France: a generational story?

Anja Durovic in French Politics (2017)

The RNGS Data Set: Women's Policy Agencies, Women's Movements and Policy Debates in Western Post-Industrial Democracies

Amy G Mazur, Dorothy E McBride in French Politics (2006)

Ideas and Normative Institutionalization: Explaining the Paradoxes of French Family and Employment Policy

Linda A White in French Politics (2004)

Justifying Parity in France after the Passage of the so-called Parity Laws and the Electoral Application of them: The ‘Ideological Tinkering’ of Political Party Officials (UMP and PS) and Women's NGOs

Réjane Sénac-Slawinski in French Politics (2008)

Stating Family Values and Women's Rights: Familialism and Feminism Within the French Republic

Anne Revillard in French Politics (2007)

From “territories” to city centers: The ambivalent management of women’s safety and gentrification

Marylène Lieber in French Politics (2018)

Rupture or Reproduction? ‘New’ citizenship in France

Leah Bassel, Catherine Lloyd in French Politics (2011)

National Solution or Model from Abroad? Analyzing International Influences on the Parity Movement in France

Mona Lena Krook in French Politics (2007)

French Politics: the Virtues of Majoritarian Democracy
Jan-Erik Lane & Svante Ersson

Globalization and Europeanization: A Challenge to French Politics
Sophie Meunier

The Myth of the Frozen Welfare State and the Dynamics of Contemporary French and German Social-Protection Reform
Mark Vail

Does France's Two-Ballot Presidential Election System Alter Candidates' Policy Strategies? A Spatial Analysis of Office-Seeking Candidates in the 1988 Presidential Election
James Adams, Samuel Merrill III and Bernard Grofman

Semi-Presidential Systems: Dual Executive And Mixed Authority Patterns
Matthew Søberg Shugart

Varieties of Capitalism in France: Interests, Institutions and Finance
Richard Carney

Estimating the Policy Positions of Political Parties From Legislative Election Manifestos 1958-2002
François Petry and Paul Pennings

Stating Family Values and Women's Rights: Familialism and Feminism Within the French Republic
Anne Revillard

Forecasting the 2007 French Presidential Election: Ségolène Royal and the Iowa Model
Michael S Lewis-Beck, Éric Bélanger and Christine Fauvelle-Aymar