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Who are the Women? Where are the Women? And What Difference Can They Make? Effects of Gender Parity in French Municipal Elections
Karen Bird

French Politics: the Virtues of Majoritarian Democracy
Jan-Erik Lane & Svante Ersson

Globalization and Europeanization: A Challenge to French Politics
Sophie Meunier

The Myth of the Frozen Welfare State and the Dynamics of Contemporary French and German Social-Protection Reform
Mark Vail

Does France's Two-Ballot Presidential Election System Alter Candidates' Policy Strategies? A Spatial Analysis of Office-Seeking Candidates in the 1988 Presidential Election
James Adams, Samuel Merrill III and Bernard Grofman

Semi-Presidential Systems: Dual Executive And Mixed Authority Patterns
Matthew Søberg Shugart

Varieties of Capitalism in France: Interests, Institutions and Finance
Richard Carney

Estimating the Policy Positions of Political Parties From Legislative Election Manifestos 1958-2002
François Petry and Paul Pennings

Stating Family Values and Women's Rights: Familialism and Feminism Within the French Republic
Anne Revillard

Forecasting the 2007 French Presidential Election: Ségolène Royal and the Iowa Model
Michael S Lewis-Beck, Éric Bélanger and Christine Fauvelle-Aymar