Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the journal to give you a sample of the type of articles published by Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.

These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.

Place branding strategies in the context of new smart cities: Songdo IBD, Masdar and Skolkovo by Olga Kolotouchkina & Gildo Seisdedos

Facebook users' engagement with Israel's public diplomacy messages during the 2012 and 2014 military operations in Gaza by Moran Yarchi, Tal Samuel-Azran & Lidor Bar-David

Challenging assumptions about residents' engagement with place branding by Andrea Insch & Trudie Walters

Key elements in defining Barcelona's place values: the contribution of residents' perceptions from an internal place branding perspective by Marc Compte-Pujol, Jordi de San Eugenio-Vela & Joan Frigola-Reig

Taming feminism? The place of gender equality in the 'Progressive Sweden' brand by Katarzyna Jezierska & Ann Towns

Place branding, embeddedness and endogenous rural development: Four European cases by Mechthild Donner, Lummina Horlings, Fatiha Fort & Sietze Vellema

The state of academic place branding research according to practitioners by Robert Govers, Florian Kaefer & Natàlia Ferrer-Roca

Quantification of country images as stereotypes and their role in developing a nation brand: The case of Pakistan by Salman Yousaf

Crystallising the Dubai model of cluster-based development by Yasser Al-Saleh

Hashtag diplomacy: twitter as a tool for engaging in public diplomacy and promoting US foreign policy by Stephen D. Collins, Jeff R. DeWitt & Rebecca K. LeFebvre

Resident stories and digital storytelling for participatory place branding by Kasey Clawson Hudak

From soft power to sports diplomacy: a theoretical and conceptual discussion by Yoav Dubinsky

Israel's country image in the 2016 Olympic Games by Yoav Dubinsky & Lars Dzikus

Wonderland in winter and little Europe in summer: a case study on how Harbin promotes its international image by Sining Kong & Huan Chen

DIPLOCAT's public diplomacy role and the perceptions towards Catalonia among international correspondents by Joan Torras-Vila & José Fernández-Cavia

Beyond the media event: modes of existence of the diplomatic incident by Noé Cornago

Citizen involvement, place branding and mega events: insights from Expo host cities by Marta Hereźniak & Magdalena Florek

Residents' involvement in city brand co-creation and their perceptions of city brand identity: a case study in Porto by Beatriz Casais & Patrícia Monteiro

How vlogging promotes a destination image: A narrative analysis of popular travel vlogs about the Philippines by Rachel Luna Peralta

National stereotype effects on high versus low-contact service expectations: branding Indonesia by Michael Chattalas, Irawati T. Priyanti & Adi Zakaria Afiff