RPM podcasts are interviews with key figures in the revenue and pricing field (practitioners and academics) about topics of broad interest which also feature in issues of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.

Latest podcast

Revenue Management with Social Media

Kelly McGuire of the SAS Institute Inc., North Carolina, USA, talks to Addison Schonland of IAG about social media-related revenue management opportunities. Kelly, who leads the hospitality and travel global practice at SAS, is co author, along with Breffni Noone and Kristin Rohlfs of the paper ‘Social media meets hotel revenue management: Opportunities, issues and unanswered questions’ which is published in Volume 10 issue 4 of RPM.Released: 28/06/2011Read the editorial and the Noone, McGuire, Rohlfs paper for free.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Revenue Management – Critical for Industry and Confusing for Consumers

Revenue Management guru, Robert Cross, talks to Addison Schonland of IAG. Vol 10 Iss 1, a special anniversary issue looking back over the past 10 years of revenue management, includes Robert’s paper entitled ‘Milestones in the application of analytical pricing and revenue management’.Released: 07/12/2010Read the editorial and the Cross paper for free.

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Pricing and Revenue Update

Costis Maglaras, Silfen Professor of Business at Columbia University, talks to Addison Schonland of IAG on the latest developments and applications of Revenue Management. Costis Maglaras is the guest editor of Vol 9 Iss 5 which features papers from the 9th Annual INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Conference.Released: 20/10/2010

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AGIFORS 2009 Conference

Sunny Ja of American Airlines talks to Addison Schonland about the AGIFOR’s conference profiled in Vol 9.4.Released: 07/12/2010Read the editorial from this issue for free.

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