Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the archive of the journal to give a representative sample of the best of our content.

These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.

Towards a Theory of Care Transition: From Medical Dominance to Managed Consumerism
Michael Bury and David Taylor
Soc Theory Health 6: 201-219;

Expert Patients and Human Agency: Long-term Conditions and Giddens' Structuration Theory
Ian Greener
Soc Theory Health 6: 273-290;

Unfair exchange and health: Social bases of stress-related diseases
Johannes Siegrist
Soc Theory Health 7: 305-317;

Psychiatric diagnosis as a political device
Joanna Moncrieff
Soc Theory Health 8: 370-382;

Medically unexplained symptoms and the disease label
Annemarie Jutel
Soc Theory Health 8: 229-245;

Foucault's progeny: Jamie Oliver and the art of governing obesity
Megan Warin
Soc Theory Health 9: 24-40; advance online publication, December 1, 2010;

The invention of patient-centred medicine
David Armstrong
Soc Theory Health 9: 410-418; advance online publication, October 5, 2011;

Theorising disability and chronic illness: Where next for perspectives in medical sociology?
Carol Thomas
Soc Theory Health 10: 209-228; advance online publication, June 27, 2012;

M-health and health promotion: The digital cyborg and surveillance society
Deborah Lupton
Soc Theory Health 10: 229-244; advance online publication, June 27, 2012;

Knowing as practice: Self-care in the case of chronic multi-morbidities
Susan Pickard and Anne Rogers
Soc Theory Health 10: 101-120; advance online publication, January 18, 2012;