When a manuscript is accepted for publication in the European Journal of Development Research EJDR’s publisher Palgrave will prepare it for publication. Authors will receive an email from Palgrave/ Springer Nature regarding the MyPublication process, which need to be followed to ensure the correct publication of the manuscript.

In the course of this process, authors are offered the option to publish their paper immediately open access, i.e. freely available in its entirety to anyone that consults the journal. This is known as Gold Open Access and is subject to an article processing charge (APC). The APC charges will be detailed in a form that authors are emailed during the production process.

Alternatively, the paper is automatically published Green Open Access (no fees applicable) which means it is fully available solely to the subscribers of the journal.

Please note that the European Journal of Development Research is covered by certain institutional Open Access deals. To find out more visit https://www.springernature.com/fr/open-research/institutional-agreements

Promoting your published article

We encourage authors whose paper is published in EJDR to promote it as widely as possible. Especially in International Development and Development Studies, the societal impact of research is important and far-reaching.

EJDR supports authors’ dissemination efforts and measures the impact of papers published in the journal both through traditional means (e.g., impact factor) as well as alternative metrics (including web citations and usage-based indicators, such as views, downloads) and their mentions in other media.


To support the reasonable sharing of published papers for non-commercial, personal use, EJDR adheres to the SharedIt content-sharing initiative. SharedIt provides authors with a links to their paper which can be posted anywhere (e.g., social media platforms, author websites and institutional repositories), so researchers can share their publication with colleagues and general audiences.

Authors can obtain a SharedIt link by entering their article’s DOI into the author portal at http://authors.springernature.com/share. Please note that you only need to enter the numeric part of the DOI rather than the complete URL, i.e., 10.1057/s41280-018-0089-z.

Authors can copy the shareable link and provide it to other interested parties or post it anywhere, including via social networks such as Twitter or on scholarly collaborative networks such as ResearchGate or Academia.edu, for non-commercial, personal purposes. Please note that on ResearchGate a SharedIt link cannot be used to upload the full paper; however, it can be added as a link within your own personal profile page.

SharedIt allows authors to share their published research in an easy and legitimate way, facilitating discussions and collaborations with other researchers who may not have a subscription to EJDR. SharedIt links will take readers to the most up to date, online version of the article.

SharedIt also allows EJDR and its publisher to better understand how research is being used, as usage can be tracked, unlike when a PDF is downloaded and shared (EJDR’s publisher, Springer Nature, is committed to making information about usage available on a regular basis).

Further information can be found at https://www.springernature.com/gp/researchers/sharedit For a social media plan to promote your research, click here. Please email sharedit@springernature.com if you have any further questions.