We are pleased to announce a call for papers for a cross-journal collection on sustainable economic growth and its connection to SDG 8, which calls for sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

Global economic recovery, and even more so sustainable economic growth, has been hampered by crises such as the Covid pandemic, wars and conflicts, the disruption of global supply chains, and the effects of ongoing climate change. Smart economic policies are needed to unleash the power of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, on local, regional, and global levels. An inclusive, equitable growth path towards resource-efficient green economies is the key objective.

This collection aims to provide a platform for the latest research, innovative thinking, and best practices in this field, across several participating journals, and spanning relevant disciplines, such as economics, political science, sociology, environmental studies, and business management.

Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of government policy in promoting sustainable economic growth
  • Fiscal and monetary policy and sustainable economic growth
  • The impact of entrepreneurship, technology, education, and innovation on sustainable economic growth
  • The relationship between sustainable economic growth and social inclusion
  • Sustainable economic growth and environmental protection
  • Global resource efficiency in consumption and production
  • The roles of the financial sector and financial inclusion in sustainable economic growth
  • Sustainable tourism as a global growth sector
  • The role of digitalization in fostering sustainable economic growth

Theoretical and empirical papers, review papers, case studies, and policy-oriented papers are all welcome.

Interested authors are invited to submit to the collection through the submission portal of their selected participating journal, in accordance with that journal’s submission guidelines.

Submitted manuscripts must be original and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. All submissions are subject to a rigorous peer-review process, per the standard evaluation process of the selected journal. Please refer to the submission guidelines of the selected journal for more detailed information on the peer review process.
Accepted papers will be published in the journal to which they were submitted, and included in this cross-journal collection.

All participating journals as well as already published papers can be found on the collections landing page here.